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Our advice for visits near our campsite in Brest

Would you like to escape from your daily life for a while and go to the end of the world? At Camping du Goulet, we have what you need! Located in the North Finistère, our campsite is overflowing with proposals for activities and visits of all kinds, which will delight young and old alike!

Activities not to be missed near our campsite in Brest

Let’s start by taking a tour of Brest! It must be said that the city of Brest is relatively well served thanks to its numerous public transport systems, but perhaps we don’t talk enough about its cable car linking the city’s hypercenter to the imposing Capucins workshops. Indeed, this urban cable car overhanging the Penfeld river allows, since 2016, a direct access to the workshops of the Capuchins, a place where leisure and culture are mixed but also proposing numerous exhibitions. In this place you will find many activities such as a cinema opened since February 2023, but also a media library. You will also find climbing rooms to have fun, to let off steam and even to train for the regulars.

While the workshops offer a wide range of activities, they also offer a large co-working space, also known as the engine room. In this room, you will find tools and machines that were used in the industrial era. It is also a place to relax, or to rollerblade, skate, or enjoy these huge spaces by walking through its various shops. In addition, since 2019, the famous ” Canot de l’empereur” built for Napoleon I in 1810 can be found there. It was finally repatriated to the port of Brest after the fall of the empire, where it was again used by Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie. It was kept in the National Museum of the Navy in Paris since 1943 before ending up in the Ateliers des Capucins in Brest.

Camping in Brest - Goulet Canot empereur

Moreover, if you want to eat, we recommend La Fabrik 1801, which offers a wide range of products. Pizzas, hamburgers, pancakes, boards to share, there is something for everyone, all in a warm atmosphere within an open space.

On the other side of Brest, by venturing to the Marina of Moulin Blanc, you can enjoy a trip to the aquarium of Océanopolis accessible both by car and by bus. Also note that the establishment has put in place devices adapted to people with disabilities so that their visit is as pleasant as possible. On the program, not only will you be able to observe numerous marine species such as seahorses, rays or jellyfish, but they also offer a wide range of activities. Indeed, visitors can, for one morning, put themselves in the shoes of a caretaker by feeding the seals or otters. This visit allows a real awareness of the beauty and fragility of the marine world while spending a pleasant moment with your loved ones for a day.

Camping Brest Goulet Oceanopolis
Camping Brest Goulet A sea trip on board the Recouvrance

If you want a more unusual activity, the city of Brest offers cruises aboard the famous ship the Recouvrance, which is a replica of a ship dating from the 19th century. The name of this boat refers to the most famous district of the city of Brest, a small reference to the fact that at that time, women prayed in this street so that their sons’ and husbands’ sea trips would go well and that they would return safely. You can take advantage of several packages, at your convenience, i.e. either a cruise of several days or half a day. The crew even offers you the opportunity to participate in the navigation maneuvers if you wish, so you can fully immerse yourself in the maritime world of the time!

Finally, a little further north of Brest, in Milizac, if you want to spend a day in the open air enjoying strong sensations, then go to the amusement park of the Recrée des 3 curés . Constantly looking for new attractions, it appeals to young and old alike and makes for a great day out with family and friends! The attractions are very varied, they range from the small horse course which is very calm to the roller coaster which gives you the big thrill.

The must-see sites during your stay in our campsite in Brest!

Now let’s talk about the must-sees of Brest and its surroundings. First of all, at the bottom of the rue de Siam, next to the Pont de Recouvrance, you can visit the imposing Tour Tanguy, dating from the 14th century. During your visit you will enjoy an immersive tour of life in Brest before 1939, thanks to entertaining videos and models filled with history. Moreover, from the Tanguy Tower, you will be able to see a part of the castle housing the national museum of the navy.

Passing in front of the Capuchin workshops, if you are observant you will be able to see the steps, without seeing how far they go down. If you are curious, don’t hesitate to start a descent that will lead you to the alley of Saint Malo. This small alley is the only vestige of the city of Brest of 1690, having survived the bombings.

A few kilometers from our campsite in Brest, we advise you to go to the Phare du petit minou in Plouzané. Open to visitors in July and August, you can walk all year round to the foot of the lighthouse, where you will have a breathtaking view of the cliffs of Brest. Easily accessible thanks to its parking lot located at only 300 meters, you can reach the site on foot while taking full advantage of the Breton air in order to protect the coastline, do not forget, nature is precious, it must be respected!

Camping Brest Goulet Phare du Petit Minou

Continue your walk to the Fort of Bertheaume, built in the 17th century in order to watch and protect the port of Brest. The fort has been open to the public since 1990 and you will be able to see various sound and light shows from April to September, telling the story of the fort over time. For the more adventurous, you can also experience its two zip lines and its climbing course. This is a rather original way to learn more about the history of a building, while creating unforgettable memories!

Finally, if you want to take in the view, don’t miss the Pointe Saint Mathieu, also known as Penn ar bed, meaning the end of the world, in Plougonvelin. Another asset of this little corner of paradise? Its lighthouse perched on top of the steep cliffs, which you can climb into. 163 steps later you will have an incredible view of the natural marine park of Iroise. With its imposing stature, it watches over the old abbey of which vestiges remain today such as its Romanesque facade or the arcades of the nave. And if you have the chance to go there to see a sunset, the moment will seem even more magical!

Camping Brest Goulet Pointe Saint Mathieu

In short, North Finistère is full of precious historical and natural treasures just waiting for you!

Office du tourisme – Brest / William Bout / Rachel Omnès