fly camping

Camp while taking care of the environment!

During your stay at the campsite, you will appreciate the green spaces in the middle of nature and the beauty of the landscapes of the region. To respect nature, the environment and its riches, we give you some simple advice.

Ensure the cleanliness of the premises

Keeping the environment clean is good for the planet. The latter, as you will have noticed, is not in very good health lately. Also, cleaning up after yourself is crucial! No matter where you go, whether you are in the campsite or at the sea, it is essential that you pick up your waste!

Participate in waste sorting

Many wastes are recyclable! Sorting your waste allows you to participate in the protection of the environment in a quick and easy way. At the Goulet campsite, we have put in place several tools to allow you to sort your waste easily and efficiently. On your arrival at the campsite, a transparent garbage bag will be given to you for your household waste, remember to bring your own for the duration of your stay. In the mobile homes, you will find a household waste garbage can, a yellow garbage can for waste such as cardboard and packaging, as well as a bio bucket for your food waste (compost). Bio buckets are available at the reception desk for composting. We count on you!

Preserve the fauna and flora

Any passage of man in nature can have a negative impact on biodiversity, especially when it is not done in accordance with the rules. Picking up your trash is a first step towards a more environmentally friendly world. However, we must not stop there. When hiking, for example, it is vital to respect the marked trails and signs as well as the local fauna and flora.

Reduce your energy consumption

Water and electricity are important sources of energy for everyone. Paying attention during your stay when you take a shower, when you wash your dishes, turning down the heat… are all simple gestures that will help reduce your consumption.

Cleaner travel

Outside of camping, you can also do the environment a world of good by leaving your car behind. Why not opt for public transport instead for your visits? A bus stop located at 500m from the campsite takes you directly to the city center of Brest. During your stay, remember that walking (GR34 nearby) or cycling is also good for your health!