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Brest in the rain

You are staying in Brest and the weather is capricious… Don’t worry, many visits are possible in order to enjoy the day under cover!

The Capuchin workshops

The Ateliers des Capucins are buildings of the Brest Arsenal dating from the 19th century, they are now converted into a cultural and commercial center in the Capucins district and served by the first urban cable car in France. There is a large media library, a large space for free expression, a climbing room, various exhibitions, 70.8 the ocean gallery and a bar/restaurant: “La Fabrik”.


For one day, discover one of the largest aquariums in France. More than 10,000 animals representing over 1,000 species from all over the world! These aquariums with faithfully reconstituted environments are among the most beautiful aquariums in France. Discover many species, rare or common: invertebrates, fish, marine mammals… and live a captivating experience around the aquatic world.

The castle of Brest and the National Museum of the Navy

The castle of Brest has the particularity to be one of the rare vestiges of the history of the city, which was destroyed by the second world war. Now home to the National Museum of the Navy, this medieval fortress bears witness to the maritime and military past of Brest. A place not to be missed!

The Tanguy Tower

Located in the heart of Brest’s historic district, near the Recouvrance bridge, this museum presents a fascinating chronicle of the life of the people of Brest in the early 1900s, before the First World War.

Strawberry and Heritage Museum

Discover the red gold of the region, the famous strawberry of Plougastel and dive into the heart of Breton culture and heritage.

The 39-45 Memory Museum

Close to the Pointe Saint Mathieu, come and go back in time in this exceptional German command blockhouse. You will also appreciate the unique panoramic view offered by the kiosks and the roof of the blockhouse, on the entrance of the roadstead of Brest, from the peninsula of Crozon to the island of Ouessant.